AMRITAKUMBHA-A unique invention by Sarada Charan Das (click here)
The enterprising and energetic Sarada Charan quickly expanded the business. He added to the number of shops in Kolkata, beginning with the shop at Esplanade East under his father’s name in 1935. This was the first time that the shop’s name was shortened to the crisper ‘K. C. Das’ from the original Krishna Chandra Das. This shop broke new ground in many ways with uniformed employees and western-style service to seated customers. His passion for innovation took him to Japan in 1937, from where he brought back fine porcelain services for use in his shop, as well as Japanese handicrafts to be distributed to his customers as gifts.

Canned Rossogolla and other sweets for the diabetics invented by Sarada Charan Das

Sarada Charan even revolutionized the way sweets were packed, replacing the traditional leaf packing with butter-paper lined white cardboard cake boxes. The tradition of innovation continued unbroken with Sarada Charan creating the first sweets for diabetics and the “Amrita Kumbha Sondesh”, an exciting departure from all conventions of shape and taste. He also introduced the “Sondesh Cake” and “Ice-cream Sondesh“ in order to compete with western confectionery products and dairy desserts.

Sarada Charan’s greatest contribution, however, was not just to the final products of confectionery but also to the cooking process under hygienic conditions. He conceived, designed and implemented the use of steam generated from a boiler passed through steam-jacketed pans,

to replace the traditional coal/wood burning stoves and conventional “kadais”. He was the true pioneer in modernising the traditional Indian confectionery industry.