Srijanee is "CREATIVITY":
We believe that beauty and creativity is everybody’s privilege.

K.C.Das Bangalore started an art gallery in 1985 and christened it “SRIJANEE”
Which means creativity.Srijanee’s intention is to promote all types of art, music and culture.

Eminent Artists- Shuvaprasanna, Isha Md. and renowned art connoisseur Dr. Barin Roy at Srijanee Art Gallery,K.C.Das, Kolkata

Artists are given the walls of the showroom free of cost for a period of 2 months.

Press advertisements and leaflet distribution ensure that artists get the maximum out of the exhibition.

The artists are selected by a selection committee of prominent artists and critics.

Shuvaprasanna and Isha Md. at Srijanee Art Gallery, K.C.Das, Kolkata

The Wall of K.C.Das Bangalore have had the paintings of several eminent as well as unknown artists. After Bangalore,Srijanee moved into the City of Joy,Kolkata in1999 to inspire and promote artists and bring arts and crafts to the people in an atmosphere of relaxed appreciation.